Red broom holder by Perigot

6.00 €
Red broom holder by Perigot
6.00 €

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Attach this holder to the wall with adhesive or screws (even better!) to store brooms, fishing poles, golf clubs, vacuum attachments, and more. Because well-organized tools make it that much easier to tackle those chores!


Ines has always said it to those willing to hear her “it is not because an item is practical that it cannot be pretty”. Elegance and chic are in the details, which is why Ines has selected a number of everyday stylized objects at Frédéric Périgot, a true pioneer since 1995 of utility design.

In this way, housework and storage immediately becomes more fun and pleasant!
Red broom holder in epoxy metal and rubber

Dimensions :

4x5 cm

Design : Perigot


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