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Sylvie V jacket - Victor trousers

Laetitia Casta and Ines de la Fressange wearing an Ines de la Fressange Paris tuxedo for the Nina Ricci Fashion Show - March, 5th 2016
Photo credit : Pinterest

The tuxedo suit, thanks to Christian Dior but also Gabrielle Chanel, had its moment of glory after the second world war. Then there was a pause till the end of the 60’s with the new silhouettes by Yves Saint-Laurent and then the 80’s with the Working Girl dynamics, for the tuxedo suit to become one of the classic items of a womens’ wardrobe.

Chic ? Totally with its matching two pieces and its perfect cut. The tuxedo suit is the perfect outfit for our important meetings, from that of a banker to that of a president of the country. It is one of those outfits that gives one amazing confidence.

But now it has the advantage of becoming in a blink of an eye the best friend of those androgyn, rock or even sexy silhouettes. It is very easy to give it a ‘lighter’ look by mixing and matching different cloths, choosing a model with a print (stripes or checkers, everything goes !) or be totally crazy and choose it in a strong colour.

A word from Ines : Women deserve to own an impeccable cut outfit that just suffices to be accesorised with pretty finishing touches.

No inspiration ? Why not :

> Associate a classic navy blue model with a silk lace camisole

> Wear it with our ultra soft knit the Diego

> Add casualness to the suit by wearing it with white leather tennis shoes

> Make the suit infinitely seductive by wearing the vest with nothing underneath

The tuxedo suit loves being in the company of :

> A trench coat hanging on the shoulders

> A bag with a thin chain strap for a difference from the clutchbag

> A slightly transparent bow tie shirt

> Pretty pumps to lengthen the legs and beautify the silhouette

Don’t upset it, adopt it !

Practical information:

Find our tuxedo suite HERE in the e-shop

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The Flare Trousers


© Harper's Bazaar

The Flare trousers is so emblematic that it resumes the feel of a period all by itself. Woodstock, freedom, the need for emancipation, the melancoly of Janis Joplin with her guitar ; the hippy community of the sixties and seventies repossesed the flare trousers to represent them like a banner.

The fashion world became infatuated very quickly with these flare cut trousers that flatter so beatifully the silhouette. Tapered but not tight-fitting, it gives a slender look to those wearing it.

Be it in blue denim like Jane Birkin, in the dark corduroy like Twiggy or even in leather, white or patchwork version, the flare has taken such a stylistic turn that it has managed to become a must have in even the most sophisticated of wardrobes.

It is really easy to find that bohemian look, a simple white cotton shirt is sufficient to do that ! But Maison Ines de la Fressange Paris loves its versatile side : glam-rock with a sateen perfecto, a minimalistic look with a jean shirt, seventies chic with a close-fitting corduroy jacket.

© Madame Figaro & Romain Boé

A word from Ines : Flare jeans ? Why not with a pink knit and a flower print blazer ?

©Instagram @inesdelafressangeofficial, @richardgianorio, @jacquesburga

No ideas ? Why not :

  • Adopt the Jane Birkin look with a white t-shirt and a basket ?
  • Go for an Effortless Chic look with a thin striped light blue shirt and navy blue blazer ?
  • Make a total look fashion statement by associating a pair of white flares with a fine knit in the same color and with your hair undone and a ladies leather bag ?
  • Like Twiggy choose a dark corduroy version with flat patent shoes and a thick knit sleeveless turtle-neck ?

Flare Jeans likes being in the company of :

  • Brown aged like leather belt with a gold graphic buckle
  • Vintage pattern long scarf adjusted like a tie in the front
  • Wedge shoes in the summer, high heeled leather boots in the winter, impossible to go wrong
  • With a close fitting jacket that outlines the silhouette, a navy blue blazer or a tweed jacket

Practical info :

Choose your Flare trousers on the e-shop : Lou in denim, Charlotte in corduroy or Janis in patchwork ?

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The black dress


The black dress is a legend. It became famous in the 20’s when Coco Chanel shook all the classic standards of the time by imposing simple and always elegant dark colored dresses. Now a days they are short, they come with ruffles, backless, trimmed in lace, they can be a wrap dress ; the black dress can be of multiple styles but always remains our wardrobes’ best friend with the result of being somehow always in fashion.

You just can’t go wrong when you wear it. With no adornement it creates a clean and sophisticated silhouette. In fact it can be a white page on which one can have fun by changing looks. For example it can be worn with a leather jacket, or a teddy or a trench, … it goes with all fashions and can be worn in all seasons.

It is the dress to seduce in for a romantic date. By choosing a fitted cut accentuating the curves but not showing too much , points will be made as well as flattering impressions.

Inès’s words : The black dress is a well guarded secret between women.

No ideas ? Why not :

  • Wear it with a leather perfecto jacket and aviator sunglasses
  • Play with contrasts by wearing a white coat and a little hat
  • Choose one with lacework like a beautiful Sicilien widow
  • Have the audacity to wear colored jackets, all the pantone color goes with it

A black dress likes to be with :

  • A pearl necklace ! Like Coco or Audrey Hepburn
  • Tights with feather print that beautifies the legs
  • A pair of very high heeled shoes for a sexy and timeless silhouette
  • With a wicker basket instead of a classic evening clutch bag.

Don’t upset it, adopt it !

Penelope Babies - Valérie dress
Clip earrings

Practical info :

Find our black dress on our e-shop : Astrid, Anna and Valérie 

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The navy-blue sweater


Navy blue is not, for Maison Ines de la Fressange Paris, only a color but also a real philosophy. Less harsh than black, more chic than brown, it is the color that we come back to every time we’re looking for something simple, efficient and chic.

Although many of our items are offered in this color, it is the sweater that, remains a must have of this color for a number of us.

But be careful, our knit has very precise features! Far from being a hazardous choice, we love it in a very soft cashmere, which somehow in a subtle way, makes our silhouette have a more sophisticated look. It should be close fitted or a little bit loose and depending on the preference we will choose a V or a round collar.

Worn next to the skin with a pair of white jeans for the weekend, under a jacket for an appointment; it accompanies, with incredible ease, all our fashion desires. In fact we like to challenge the knit by associating it with a graphic design, or even animal prints or maybe as color block effect with a pair of pink trousers.

A word from Ines : I am obsessed by the navy blue sweater !

No inspirations ? Why not :

As for accessories, a navy blue sweater loves being with :

  • Gold earrings to dress it up immediately
  • A small clutch bag with pompoms to relax it up
  • A pair of satin stilettos for a timeless chic
  • With a navy cap of the same color, with strands of hair flying in the wind. Never has there been a more charming sailor.

Do not offend it, adopt it!

Practical info :

Xavi, Angelo, Massimo or Esteban ? Shop your favorite navy-blue knit on the e-shop.

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The shirt dress


For Maison Ines de la Fressange Paris, the shirt dress is a mark of femininity. Slip it on for any event and it has that “je-ne-sais-quoi” feel that makes one immediately dressed up. The thin belt and its proportions gives it a yesteryear charm and every summer and winter, quite happily, we pull it out again.

Robe chemise Ines de la Fressange à fleurs

Robe chemise noire Ines de la Fressange

Robe chemise en velours Ines de la Fressange

Robe chemise en satin noir Ines de la fressange

Impossible to get tired of a model that suits us so well and very quickly becomes one of the must-haves of our spring summer wardrobe. Plus it has that capacity to change, depending on the style we want : classic, modern or preppy, it simply needs to be worn the right sandals to twist the look a bit. Lovers of accessory won’t go wrong, our shirt dress loves all kinds of different looks. You could think it as being slightly prim and proper, but in fact with … two top buttons left open, shoes with high heels, and our dress immediately becomes sensual!

The good news is that it suits everyone and a slightly suntanned skin is all it needs to make it incredibly stylish. Be it In the city or on vacation, it’s elegance stands out. It can adapt itself to different events be it a serious meeting or wedding brunch in the countryside.

A word from Ines : my collection is a solution for all women

No inspirations? Why not :

• Wear it in the city with no stockings, a blazer and an XXL necklace.

• Unbutton it slightly and wear wedge shoes to go out in.

• Wear it with nude accessories for an immediate sophisticated look.

• Pretend to be timid by wearing it with a pretty fitted waistcoat and add a  basket for the whole look.

Accessory wise, a shirt dress loves :

• Maxi butterfly glasses to make it look glamourous.

• Gold leather sandals to be right in fashion for summer version.

• With a scarf tied in the hair to give it the Belle des champs look

• With a beautiful day bag in red leather to give it a modern style.

Do not offend it, adopt it !

Practical info :

Emmanuelle shirt dress to be found in our e-shop HERE or HERE and you may also like the printed Romy shirt dress HERE

And for next winter, choose the Astrid dress in velvet or in black satin

Other must haves :

The Trench

The white shirt

The white shirt


In impeccable white cotton and slightly oversized due to its masculine origins, the white shirt is one of the essential pieces of any wardrobe.

What makes it so appealing? It is versatile. With its perfect fit and its timeless look it is a symbol of elegance. To give it a more casual look just roll up the sleeves.

With a white shirt the sky is the limit! It can be looked as a white page that can accompany all kinds of looks and eccentricities. Crocodile clutch bag, bright colored cropped pants, leather mini skirt, it goes easily with everything.

Ines’ explanation : The white shirt symbolizes the Parisian mischievousness

No inspiration? Why not:

  1. Wear it with slim-cut jeans rolled up at the ankles and a pair of preppy loafers.
  2. Go for a total white look to show off the beginnings of a spring suntan after a weekend at Cap Ferret.
  3. Play the “femme fatale” Marilyn Monroe look with a pencil skirt.
  4. Try out the graphic effect with a pair of black cigarette pants. Tie a velvet ribbon around your neck for an Yves Saint-Laurent silhouette.

Accessory wise, a white shirt loves:

  1. Gold jewelry and lots of charm bracelets.
  2. A glitzy rhinestone clutch bag for that so glamorous look
  3. Colored loafers or derbies to accentuate the masculine chic side
  4. A lace Fifi Chachnil bra peeking discreetly

Don’t hurt its feelings, just adopt it!

Practical info :

Camilles’ friends : Le Mondain clutch bag, Lutèce and Happ’Ines bracelets

The trench coat

The Essentials

The trench coat, an important element of our wardrobe, confronts with style all weather forecasts. The word trench coat is of English origins, a name given due to its military functions in the British army.

The shy hide themselves in its folds and those who want to be mysterious use it as a major prop of their scenario. The collar up, black tights and a pair of patent shoes in a dim Parisian street, and you are transposed immediately into a Helmut Newton picture.

The trench is good looking. Knee length, with its soft material and easy beige color, it is timeless. With perplexing ease, it manages to add that extra something to the most basic of styles. It can be worn in a thousand ways depending on your mood: completely buttoned down for an English lord look, unbuttoned for a more casual look, or belted in a sort of hurried fashion look.

The trench is ready for all situations and knows how to be there when needed, be it to tone down a very sexy dress or to hide an old sweater when picking-up the weekend newspaper.

Ines’ explanation: “The idea is not to look like a bourgeoise (…) but to make it become rock and roll”

No inspiration? Why not:

  1. Go for the classical style: a pair of jeans, a white tee shirt, ballerina shoes, a pretty leather handbag and there you go.
  2. Play it 70’s style by wearing a scarf, a pair of bell-bottom jeans and heeled boots.
  3. Wear it with a colored turban for a very Loulou de la Falaise retro effect.
  4. Wear it like a dress for those of you who are more audacious.

Accessory wise, the trench likes to be with:

  1. It’s not because it has known the English trenches that it does not like a bit of glamour.
  2. With a scarf, a see through shirt or a wispy dress.
  3. A simple ribbon tied in the hair, a bit of eyeliner, and a tribute is paid to Catherine Deneuve in ‘Les Parapluies de Cherbourg’.
  4. A touch of leopard print on a clutch or shoes, for those who wish to break from the classical side of it.

Don’t upset it, adopt it!

Practical infos :

Jean-Paul Trench to be found on our e-shop HERE. Also available in navy blue.