Applicable from the 02/02/2015


 IDLF SA is a limited company with share capital of 49,450 euros, headquartered at 10 rue du Mail, 75002, Paris, France, registered at the Paris Chamber of Commerce under the number 792 301 806, SIRET: 792 301 806 00 24, CODE NAF 7740Z, VAT number 792 301 806.

The Managing Editor: Fabrice Boé

In virtue of its activity, IDLF SA benefits from Professional Liability Insurance Coverage, taken out with AXA – Audit et Risk Solutions – 47, rue de Liège – 75008 Paris, France, with the policy number 5855876304, covering the whole world.

Hosting: ECRITEL, 51 rue Le Peletier, 75009 Paris - Customer

Service contacts: Service Clients Web IDLF SA, 10 rue du Mail 75002 Paris, France


Except as a result of a separate agreement between parties, the Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter “T&C”) define the rights and obligations of the parties related to the sale of products (hereinafter “the Products”) offered by the website of IDLF SA (, hereinafter “the Website”)

For every order involving a delivery of one of the Products offered on the Website, the person ordering will be considered as the client (hereinafter “the Client”).

Every Client declares to have read the Terms and Conditions of Sale and accepted the rights and obligations contained herein.

Orders on the Website are exclusively limited to consumers (Cf. “definition of consumer” in article 5.1 of the current T&C). 


Clients can order Products on the Website:

 3.1. 1st step: Order Validation

The order does not become firm and definitive until the client clicks on the button « Place Order ». By this action the client declares to have accepted the present Terms and Conditions of Sale in its entirety and without reservation.

3.2. 2nd step: Identification of Client

During a first order, the Client will provide, in a precise manner, the obligatory fields in the account creation form and then validate it. An email containing the Client’s login and password will be sent to the email given by the client in the form.

Clients who have already ordered through the Website must, in order to complete and order, sign in using the login and password sent by IDLF SA.

The email address given by the Client will be considered as the address used for electronic communication with the Client. The Client must take every necessary step to ensure the correct delivery and reception of emails sent by IDLF SA. Indeed, as soon as they are dispatched, emails sent by IDLF SA are considered as having been received by the Client. The Client must therefore ensure they keep all information up to date, notably concerning their email address.

3.3. 3rd step: Payment of order 

After confirming the content of the order, the Client must proceed to payment.

IDLF SA commits to confirming all orders carried out by the Client by sending an email to the address supplied by the Client when they signed up to the Website.

After payment for the order, IDLF SA will make an invoice available for the Client, including the delivery fees and VAT, in the “My Account” section of the Website.

The Products remain the property of IDLF SA until the full collection of the payment.

IDLF SA commits to handling all orders, but only within the limit of available stock.

IDLF SA may cancel or refuse the order of a Client with whom there has been litigation concerning past payment of orders made through the Website.


Payment will be made online by bank card.

All transactions on the Website are encrypted. The card details used are neither saved nor visible to our employees.

The bank cards accepted are those proposed to Clients during the order payment process.

The Client’s account will be debited after a maximum delay of 4 days following the order and this will be considered as effective after the confirmation of the agreement from the payment centres.

The bank fees incurred by IDLF SA following a failure of a debit or bank transfer, whatever the cause, will be born by the Client. 


5.1. Extent

 Conforming to article L.121-21 of the French Consumer Code, as a consumer (a natural person who completes a command with IDLF SA, acting for ends not covered by a commercial, industrial, artisanal or freelance activity), every Client has fourteen (14) calendar days to exercise their legal right of retraction.

The client does not have to give a reason for the exercise of their right of retraction.

Nevertheless, for statistical or quality control reasons, IDLF SA may ask the client their reasons for the retraction.

In the case of an order of products, the retraction delay is counted from the moment the products are received.

5.2. Notification of Retraction

The Client has several ways of unambiguously notifying IDLF SA of their intention to retract:

• A letter addressed to IDLF SA, 10 rue du Mail, 75002, Paris, France

• An email to the following address:

• A return form to fill-in found available in « Returns » tab of customer account

For all returns, the client must send back his package with all products unused, non worn, non washed, with their original label and packaging. Must be included the invoice as well as the return form filled-in.

During 14 days from the day of delivery, a prepaid-tag is available in « Returns » tab. This tag is usable on for E.U residents. For country out of E.U, the choice of the delivery service or postal service, as well as the transportation fees and all risks included in sending the package back are at the Client’s charge and responsibility. 

Conforming to the rule of the French Consumer Code, the Client has a further 14 days, from the communication of the retraction notification, to send the Products to IDLF SA.

5.3. Exceptions

Conforming to article L.121-21-8 of the French Consumer Code, the retraction right can not be exercised on orders of the following products.

  • Services fully executed before the end of the retraction delay and of which the execution began after previous agreement and express renunciation of the retraction right by the consumer;
  • Products or services for which the price depends on fluctuations in the financial marketplace outside of professional control and likely to occur during the retraction delay;
  • Products produced according to consumer specifications or distinctly personalised products;
  • Products likely to deteriorate or perish quickly (for example foodstuffs and liquids);
  • Products that where opened by the Client after delivery and which cannot be returned for hygiene or health protection reasons (lingerie, for example);
  • Products that after delivery and by their nature are mixed in an inseparable way with other articles;
  • Alcoholic drinks for which delivery is deferred for thirty days and of which the value decided at the conclusion of the contract depends on fluctuations in the market outside of professional control;
  • Audio or video recordings or software which were opened by the consumer (meaning the plastic seal was opened, taken off or otherwise broken, as for example with CDs and DVDs);
  • Newspapers, journals and magazines, except for subscription contracts to these publications;
  • Hosting services, other than residential hosting, goods transport services, car rental, catering or leisure activities which must be supplied on a particular date or during a particular period;
  • Digital content not supplied on a physical medium, for which the execution began after previous agreement and express renunciation of the retraction right by the consumer. Therefore all purchases involving these types of product can not be returned after reception. 

5.4 Returning products 

Return concern only articles acquired through the Website.

For articles bought from an agreed IDLF SA reseller, the Client must contact the reseller directly.

To return Products, the following steps must be respected:

  • It is imperative that products be returned correctly protected (if possible in their original wrapping), in perfect, re-sellable condition (non worn, not damaged or soiled by the Client), accompanied by all other accessories.
  • Products must not be damaged or spoiled in any way whatsoever. They must be in perfect condition for resale and clean so as to be put on sale again.
  • It is imperative that the return parcel sent by the Client includes their surname, first name, address, order number and the return form, allowing the client to be identified.


In the case of the exercise of the right to retraction, the parcel must be sent to IDLF SA at the following address:

SAUERBREI LOGISTICS FRANCE Retours ZAC de la Courtillière, 11 rue de la Marne, 77400 SAINT-THIBAULT-DES-VIGNES France. 

The choice of the delivery service or postal service, as well as the transportation fees and all risks included in sending the package back are at the Client’s charge and responsibility.

5.5. Refund

The exercise of the retraction right results in a refund of the sums received during the order in the shortest delay and no later than fourteen (14) days after the Client has exercised this right.

The return of Product(s) or services ordered will result in a refund equal to the totality of the sum payed by the Client, equal to the price of the Product(s) bought.

The refund can be deferred until the reception of the parcel containing the Product(s) returned, or the proof that the parcel was sent, whichever comes first.

The refund will be carried out by bank transfer and/or vouchers depending on the means of payment used for the online purchase.

The partial return of some ordered Products will only result in the refund of the returned Products.

The initial delivery costs will not be taken into account for the amount reimbursed as delivery costs are calculated as a lump sum and do not depend on the number of products ordered.

Finally, it is reminded that Products not respecting the conditions stipulated in article 4.4 can not be accepted as returns and will not result in a refund.


6.1 Delivery Location

Products ordered will be sent to the delivery address given by the Client during the order process.

Products can be delivered to Metropolitan France, Corsica, Monaco, Europe, North America and the majority of countries in the world, an exhaustive list of which can be found in the list of countries to which products can be sent, including delivery costs for clients, not including free delivery, at the end of article 6 of the T&C.

The prices of articles are given with VAT included (20% on the 1st of January 2015), not including delivery costs. Prices are given in Euros.

For deliveries outside of French territory, provisions laid down by the Tax Code relative to VAT are applicable to IDLF SA.

Delivery is free for any order over €250 for delivery in France and Europe, and over €400 for delivery outside of Europe.

The Client may track the dispatch of the order on the Website under “My Account / My Orders”.

The Client may chose the location of the delivery (their home, their office, the address of a third party, etc.).

If the Client is not present at the address indicated at the time of the delivery a notice is normally left in the letterbox. The client can also collect the parcel from a post office up to 10 days after this note is left.

This is valid only for France, Corsica and Monaco. For the rest of the Europe and the World, the delivery service will try three times. If despite these three attempts the delivery service cannot deliver the parcel, it will be returned to the logistician.

If the parcel is delivered by delivery service, a notice is also left in the letterbox at the address given by the Client during the order process.

The Client is responsible for contacting the delivery service to arrange a new delivery date.

In cases in which the collection delay indicated above passes without the parcel being collected, the parcel will be returned to the sender, namely IDLF SA.

Customer Services will then make contact with the Client to attempt to dispatch the parcel anew. Without a reply from the Client within a reasonable time a refund will be made.

6.2. Delivery times

Delivery time is a maximum of 30 calendar days from the date the Product or Products were ordered, unless otherwise specifically stipulated to the client before the order as well as before its definitive validation.

IDLF SA commits in this case to giving the Client an estimated delivery bracket.

This delay will be restated in the order summary as well us in the section « My orders » on the Website.

6.3. Missing or delayed deliveries.

If such a case arises the Client can contact Customer Services at the following address:

The Client has the option of cancelling the order if delivery of the order is not carried out within the stated delivery time.

The Client can contact IDLF SA by registered letter, with delivery receipt, to complete the delivery within a reasonable additional time.

If IDLF SA does not complete delivery within this time period the Client will be able to cancel the order by registered letter, with delivery receipt, or in writing on another durable medium.

Within 14 days following the reception of the cancellation request, IDLF SA will request its bank to carry out the refund.

6.4. Partial Delivery

In the event of partial delivery, the Client will be informed by email of the items present in the parcel sent.

The Client will be informed in a second email of the delivery of the remaining products contained in the order. 

6.5 Completed delivery

The delivery of ordered Product(s) is considered completed once the Product(s) are made available to the Client, notably by the transporter, evidenced by the control system used by the transporter/the signature of the client on the delivery slip.

Without prejudice to the time available to the Client to retract, as defined in article 4 above, the Client must also:

  • Check the conformity of the delivered Product(s) at the moment of delivery.
  • Indicate any anomaly in writing on the delivery slip, accompanied by their signature (notably if the parcel has been opened or damaged).
  • Alert the transporter to these concerns by registered letter, with delivery receipt, within three days, with a second copy addressed to IDLF SA.


List of countries to which products can be sent and the delivery costs to be paid by the clients, not including free delivery.


Country code

Country in EUROPE



France Métropolitaine + Corse

7,00 €



13,00 €



13,50 €



18,00 €


Saint Bathélémy

18,00 €


Saint Martin

18,00 €



18,00 €



18,00 €



18,00 €



18,00 €


Saint Pierre et Miqu

18,00 €


Nouvelle Calédonie

24,00 €


Polynésie Française

24,00 €


Walis et Futuna

24,00 €


Terres Australes

24,00 €


Antarctiques françaises

24,00 €



12,00 €



12,00 €



12,00 €


Pays Bas

12,00 €



16,80 €



16,80 €



16,80 €



16,80 €



16,80 €



16,80 €



16,80 €



16,80 €



16,80 €



16,80 €



24,00 €



24,00 €



24,00 €



24,00 €



18,00 €



18,00 €


République Tchèque

22,80 €



22,80 €



22,88 €



22,80 €



22,80 €



28,80 €

Country code

Country out of Europe




28,80 €



32,40 €



32,40 €



32,40 €


Afrique du sud

43,20 €



43,20 €


Honk Kong

43,20 €



43,20 €



43,20 €



43,20 €



43,20 €



43,20 €



43,20 €



43,20 €



43,20 €



43,20 €



45,60 €


Arabie Saoudite

45,60 €



45,60 €



45,60 €



45,60 €


Emirats Arabe Unis

45,60 €



45,60 €



45,60 €



45,60 €



45,60 €



45,60 €



45,60 €



45,60 €



45,60 € 


IDLF SA has the obligation to its members of a legal warranty conforming to articles L.211-4 to L. 211-13 of the French Consumer Code, and relative to the sale of faulty goods under the conditions of articles 1641 to 1648 and 2332 of the Civil Code.

7.1 Legal warranty of conformity

Under the scope of the legal warranty of conformity IDLF SA commits to:

  • repairing or replacing the product depending on available stock;
  • or exchanging a product with another product of equivalent price and quality depending on available stock;
  • or reimbursing the Client the price of the product (upon the return of the product) or a part of the price of the product (if the Client keeps the product). 

7.2. Hidden defects warranty

 Under the scope of the hidden defects warranty, the Client can:

  • either keep the Product and request a price reduction from IDLF SA,
  • or return the Product and request a refund of the price from IDLF SA.

7.3. Procedure for returning products

In case of the exercise of one of these warranties, the Client can return the Product(s) by respecting the modalities stipulated in the article 5.4.


In accordance with the French Data Protection and Freedom of Information Law of 6 January 1978, the Client has a right of access and correction of personal data held on them by IDLF SA.

The Client can exercise this right by sending an email to the following address: 

or a letter to:


10 rue du Mail

75002, Paris - France

The Client is able to consult and modify their personal data in the “My Account” section of the Website.

The automatic processing of personal information on the Website has been declared to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés under the declaration number 1803079.

Registration by the Client on the Website requires them to accept the current Terms and Conditions.

In all emails sent by IDLF SA, there is an unsubscribe link, by which the Client can unsubscribe. The Client can also change their preferences via their account, in the section “My Account”.

Personal data (address, email and telephone) may be communicated to third parties in order to ensure the correct delivery of the order. IDLF SA is responsible for their handling.

Data collected are destined for use by IDLF SA. They are necessary for the treatment and management of Client orders as well as commercial relations between IDLF SA and the Client.

These data also allow IDLF SA to offer the Client personalised services and to improve the relevance of information sent to them.

The website uses cookies, small text files saved on the disk of each Client.

The majority of cookies are used to set up or facilitate navigation and are necessary for the correct functioning or our online shop.

The use of cookies, our own or third-party, not necessary to the functioning of the Website require the express consent of the Client.

Each Client can provide their consent or not to the use of cookies by setting up their connecting device in an appropriate way


9.1. Limitations

All rights and actions issuing from the contract between the Client and IDLF SA are limited to the legal time frame that the Client remains the consumer.

9.2. Renunciation

The failure of IDLF SA to pursue any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions shall not be construed as a waiver of the right to any later claim.

9.3. Invalidity of a clause

The invalidity, in whole or in part, of any clause in the Terms and Conditions or its unenforcability does not affect the validity of the other clauses stipulated between the parties. The Client engages to accept the substitution of a null and void clause by a valid and enforceable clause which is as close as possible to the spirit of the original clause.


The present Terms and Conditions are submitted to French law. The current document is a translation from the original French. In case of any disagreements arising from ambiguities in the translation, the original French version (available will be considered the authoritative document.

In case of litigation on the execution or validity of the present Terms and Conditions, only French courts will be considered qualified to judge.

In case of litigation, the Client commits to contacting IDLF SA as a priority in order to find an amicable solution.

To this end, the Client is asked to contact IDLF SA Customer Services by sending an email address to:


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